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Greens Got Talent

July 31, 2011

Can The Media ‘save the planet’?

How do you get the so-called “mass public” to listen to environmental messages? It’s a question often asked by campaigners, but constructive suggestions rarely follow. The simple truth is it is very hard to sell an idea which is, at first, fundamentally uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

It is “grateful and elated” that proceeds from Kirsty Bertarelli’s new single, a remix of conservation anthem Green, will go to supporting conservation projects around the world. Kirsty’s anthem is a powerful plea for us to renew our relationship with nature, The anthem will contribute directly in many ways, including financially, but it also encourages all of us to live in a way that the Earth can in fact sustain.” The noted singer said the song, which cautions that environmental destruction is “hidden by the treadmill of our daily lives” and that “if we just stopped” we would see our world crashing down.

A seven-year-old girl called Olivia Binfield. Her act was to stand with a large snake around her neck whilst reciting a (presumably?) self-penned, passionate poem about endangered species. Whereas most animal-themed acts tend to involve singing or dancing dogs, Olivia went against the grain, telling the judges that she was going to recite a poem. The little laureate then wrapped 6ft python Lucy around her neck and took centre stage, delivering confident but heartfelt rhymes about saving threatened species from around the world. With cheeky quips to the judges and nods to the more superficial nature of the talent show in general, Olivia practically reprimanded the audience and let them know what is important to her in the world

The semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. It featured a singer representing Finland called Paradise Oskar who sang a song called “Da Da Dam” about a boy called Peter who tells his mother he is “going out into the world to save our planet”.

So we should applaud the fact that these TV talent shows – which attract huge audiences – are featuring acts with environmental messages.In this way we got a chance to deliver our message to the public and create awareness about the environment and conservation issues.

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