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Songs of House Sparrows on the decline

September 25, 2011

Male House sparrow (Passer domesticus)

Female House sparrow (Passer domesticus)

House sparrow (Passer domesticus) are found around the world there the most common birds that live within urban environments. The songs of House sparrows are on the decline because this hardy birds cannot withstand the storm of threats that they have to face living alongside human beings , We all have to remind ourselves if a child discovers the first bird singing along the high walls or along the preach of the tree branch it must have been the house sparrow , a bird most commonly seen and observed by amature bird watchers in the old days.

But this beautiful and once common birds are now mysteriously disappearing from the wild , throughout their range from urban city gardens of Western Europe to Pakistan and India metropolis. Causes for the rapid recent declines, particularly in urban and suburban environments, remain largely undetermined, although research is underway that aims to establish the cause(s), and develop conservation solutions.

Declines in rural house sparrow populations are thought to be linked to changes in agricultural practices, particularly the loss of winter stubbles and improved hygiene measures around grain stores.

Reasons of Decline

House sparrow are considered as indicator species Meaning there the bird species considered as the health indicators of an healthy environment , so for example any city has exceeding levels of pollution or green spaces the sparrows would experience a decline in population. Many reasons may have contributed for the decline of House Sparrows like increasing use of pesticides, lack of insect food, lack of nesting sites, lack of food and the electromagnetic waves from mobile towers.  , Thus this sparrows are vital indicators of healthy environment that is important for humans well being  and existence.


The House Sparrow has an extremely large range and population, and is not seriously threatened by human activities, so it is assessed as Least Concern for conservation on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.But in many countries House sparrow populations are declining to the point where this little songbirds are even considered as Endangered.So the Conservation of House sparrow must be an urgent priority by the relevant organization whether there the NGOs or Environmental Protection  Agencys if certain action are immediately like protection of nesting habitats , conserving green spaces , establishing bird feeders , eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and pollutants responsible for undermining health of sparrow there is hope that the song of House sparrow will never be forgotten.

Poem dedicated to Sparrows; 

A Little Sparrow poem

I am only a little sparrow!
A bird of low degree!
My life is of little value.
But the dear Lord cares for me
He gave me a coat of feathers
‘Tis very plain I know:
With never a speck of crimson.
For it was not made for show.
But it keeps me warm in winter,
It shields me from the rain.
Were it bordered with gold and purple
Perhaps it would make me vain.

   A Male House Sparrow sings Part 1 

   A Male House Sparrow sings Part 2

 A Male House Sparrow (Passer domesticus indicus) sings to attract a female , and iam immitating the Male Sparrows songs , so their is a little bit of sing along between us in Karachi , Pakistan









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      September 26, 2011 6:00 pm

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