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Climate Change An Inconvenient Reality

September 26, 2011

Polar bear habitat is disappearing because of Climate change

Climate change is an Inconvenient Reality for those deniers and skeptics of a reality that’s  already causing deaths and destruction. Floods in Pakistan, Melting ice caps , extinction of species and increasingly intense hurricanes are all waving flags of the threats we are to increasingly face because of climate change. This warning signals are enough for the deniers of Climate change to change they ideology regarding this pressing issue that must be addressed by a global consensus but the denial the Climate change Science faces dismisses the Climate crisis altogether as a joke.

Recent  reports suggest that more than 30 million people were displaced last year by environmental and weather-related disasters across Asia, experts have warned, and the problem is only likely to grow worse as climate change exacerbates such problems. Communities in Asia and the Pacific are already experiencing the consequences of changing environmental conditions including eroding shorelines, desertification and more frequent severe storms and flooding.

Last week saw the annual summer minimum of the Arctic ice cap, which has now shrunk to the lowest level satellites have ever recorded. The ice at the roof of the human world is faring little better: mountain glaciers are diminishing at accelerating and historic rates.  Melting ice is the cause of another of the greatest long-term threats posed by climate change: rising sea level. The deep freezes of Greenland and west Antarctica store enough water to raise the oceans by 20 feet. That would flood many of the world’s greatest cities from New York to Shanghai.

Climate change induced floods in Pakistan , Heart breaking image of Climate change refugees

Climate Crisis a major political crisis

Climate crisis has already provoked debates in a U.S. presidential campaign and in the parliament of Australia, It has emerged as an important political issue not only in the ‘ Major Emitters’ like USA, Australia & UK  but also nations like Bangladesh  & Pakistan that are already suffering from the worst that climate change is to offer.

Greens can connect with the political mainstream by telling the stories of how environmental and social action by individuals, communities, companies large and small, and politicians has made life better, economies stronger, and society more prosperous.

In the recent U.S presidential campaign have provoked debates on climate change and the challenges United states faces by the threat it poses indicating the serious nature of the issue which is now on the list of national security threats facing United states.

The Australian prime minister, Jullia Gillard, has introduced her government’s controversial carbon tax plans into parliament in a third attempt to legislate a price on pollution. If the Australian goverment passes this law , which would force around 500 big polluting companies to pay for Carbon emissions through a A$23 (£15) per tonne carbon tax from July 2012, before emissions trading from mid 2015.

But More than 2,000 protesters gathered outside Australia’s Parliament House  to demonstrate against government plans to make the country’s biggest air polluters pay a tax on the carbon gas they produce. Such denial by a certain groups of anti-climate change protester who are more interested in saving their greedy corporations from cleaning up their act are proving to be a thorn in the way to stop this polluting corporation to pay.

Climate Action

Businesses should have to disclose much more information about their environmental performance, social impact, and how they are improving their governance. Investors should be able to gain a clearer picture of a company’s risks and opportunities, encouraging companies to improve sustainability.

The probable solutions are likely to include measures to improve vital infrastructure, such as energy provision, transport systems and communication networks, in order to make such infrastructure more resilient to the effects of climate change.

 Various Countries & their commitments on climate change

An example of Climate action being taken is of  Google which says that it emits 1.5m tonnes of carbon annually but claims that its data centres consume 50% less energy than the industry average. The emissions are slightly higher than the country of Laos in south-east Asia and equivalent to the UN’s operational footprint.

As online activity has increased, the internet has become an increasingly significant consumer of energy, with a carbon footprint estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of tonnes – equivalent to a large industrialised country.

Google estimates that data centres account for around 1% of the world’s electricity use, and that Google itself consumes around 1% of that amount.

Almost one-third of the company’s electricity comes from renewable sources – a figure that is continuing to rise. The company offsets the emissions generated by the remainder of its electricity supply, along with those from its offices and transport.

Environmentalist have cheered leadership from Google on sustainability . It’s good to see them finally put their footprint data on the table, which hopefully should start a more robust debate on the energy use of online services. We need to see others doing the same.

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  1. September 27, 2011 11:03 am

    Dear Prof. Chomsky,

    I remember enjoying a summer afternoon with family and friends, sitting under a large pine tree for shade. This particular tree could be beyond the century mark, judging from its size and character. The conversation occasionally would switch for family events to the incredibly hot month we are having, as expected when the temperature is constantly above one hundred degrees. “July was the hottest month in Texas’ recorded history” said a family friend. “And nobody believes in climate change” I replied, trying to read the popular opinion of the backyard.

    The poll results were a bit disturbing, it seems a majority of the populous shading themselves from the afternoon sun, believe that man-made climate change is a hoax. One doubter argued, “The average temperature of the globe is higher than it is today.”



    • wildsemper permalink*
      September 28, 2011 10:58 am

      I strongely belive that the american populus has been brai-washed by this conservative mind set of the Bush era that clearly denies climate change and doesnt care a bit about the environmental issues . Certain politicans and greedy lobbys of corporation that are more interested in polluting then paying for polluting , this greedy and immoral behavihor must end from our democracies and the public must realize that climate change is a reality around the world from my native pakistan where melting glaciers are threatening to impact our freshwater supply and destructive floods are destroying live of millons , in united states texas is worst affected by heat waves and wild fires , the attacks of bark beetle in the conferious forest and the decline of freshwater reserve in the west is all not only blamed but scientifically proved , now what we need is to act .


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