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Al Gore also says that climate change causes extreme weather

September 29, 2011

Al Gore lecturing on Climate change

As i clearly blogged in my previous post on Climate change an inconvenient reality ; that Climate crisis needs a solution before things go out of hand and that out of hand situation is being experienced by millions of people whether the evidence from floods in Pakistan and China is compelling enough for us to not misunderstand the clear proof of Climate change.

In a  speech to the Scottish low-carbon investment conference, Gore said the evidence from the floods in Pakistan, China, South Korea and Columbia was so compelling that the case for urgent action by world leaders to combat carbon emissions was now overwhelming, Gore said.

“Observations in the real world make it clear that it’s happening now, it’s real, it’s with us,” he said. Failing to take action meant the world would face a catastrophe.

Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Similarly Al Gore also warned that there is now clear proof that climate change is directly responsible for the extreme and devastating floods, storms and droughts that displaced millions of people this year.

He added that nearly every climate scientist actively publishing on the subject now agreed there was a causal link between carbon emissions and the sharp increase in intense and extreme weather events seen across the globe.

“Every single national academy of science of every major country on earth agrees with the consensus and the one’s that don’t agree with it do not exist. This is what they say to governments: ‘The need for urgent action is now indisputable’.

“The scientists have made a subtle but profound change in the way that they speak about the connection between the climate crisis and the extreme weather events. They used to say you can’t connect any extreme weather event to climate because there are multiple factors. Now they’ve changed.

“The environment in which all storms are formed has changed. It’s influence is now present according to the leading scientists in all storms, and they speak of relative causation.”

Gore said there was now evidence that the globe’s hydrological cycles were changing: as the atmosphere and oceans warmed, more water was evaporating and getting stored in the atmosphere. The amount of water vapour over the oceans had increased by 4% in 30 years, particularly around the tropics and sub-tropics.

In turn this fed even heavier and more violent storms and flooding incidents, which in Pakistan displaced 20 million people earlier this year

Pakistan has experienced its worst floods in decades which has displaced millions of people and caused equal damage & destruction.  All the scientific data  is to clearly pointing out that Climate change is to blame for such catastrophes like the floods in Pakistan are clear observations of the worst possible outcomes of climate change .

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