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#Natureology Species of the Day – Golden-headed Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysomelas)

December 31, 2012

ImageGolden-headed lion tamarin is a lion tamarin endemic to Brazil. It is found only in the lowland and premontane tropical forest fragments in the state of Bahia, and therefore it is considered to be an flagship species for the conservation of endemic species in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil.

Golden-headed-lion tamarins are diurnal. They feed mainly on fruits, and play an important role in seed dispersal. They also feed on flowers and nectar and may feed on gum or saps also. The total wild population is estimated at 6,000-15,000 animals found mainly in the east of Brazil, in the southern portion of Bahia. The Atlantic Forest is highly fragmented, and the disappearance of this habitat is the main reason for the golden-headed lion tamarin’s decline.

Golden-headed lion tamarins are among the world’s most critically endangered mammals, hence the the Brazilian government created the Una Biological Reserve for the protection of the golden-headed lion tamarin and its habitat.The protection plan included conservation activities such as educating local communities, creating a captive breeding programmes , expansion of protected areas and reforestation of fragmented habitat with the ultimate intent being the preservation of the unique Atlantic Forest, ecosystem and its many endemic plants and animal.

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