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#Natureology Species of the Day – Proboscis Anole (Anolis proboscis)

January 2, 2013


Proboscis Anole is  one of Ecuador’s most imperiled and stunning reptile species that was thought to be extinct for nearly fifty years, and was only  “rediscovery” in 2005. Conservation measures are required to save the species from extinction and research is needed on the distribution and population of this species.

Proboscis Anole is found in montane forest habitat. The areas around Mindo, Ecuador where this species has been collected,It is a slow-moving, cryptically coloured species that occurs high in trees . This species is named for its proboscis, an appendage extending from its snout, which is used in courtship.

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The area in which this species is distributed has experienced major habitat loss due to logging, human settlement, agriculture, and grazing. This is likely to cause declines in this species, as due to its small range, it is more vulnerable to habitat alteration.

No conservation measures are currently in place for this species. Research is required to ascertain whether the species ranges beyond the region of Pichincha, Ecuador, and as this species has a restricted range new protected areas should be established. Research and monitoring is necessary to establish the population trend of the species.Protected areas covering this species’ distribution need to be established and population monitoring is recommended.


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