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#Natureology Species of the Day – Simpsonichthys (Simpsonichthys picturatus)

January 4, 2013


Simpsonichthys  is listed as Vulnerable due to an inferred population decline over the past decades. Simpsonichthys is a pelagic  species which dwells mostly near the bottom. This fish prefers  small ephemeral bogs and swamps. Simpsonichthys  are experiencing decline due to degradation of habitat quality and an increase in water pollution, in the São Francisco River basin, Brazil.

Simpsonichthys  is on the decline because of human population growth and an increase in agricultural and industrial activities, as well as dam construction and mineral extraction have caused environment degradation in the São Francisco river. It was one of the main fishing resources in Brazil, but the fisheries are presently experiencing a decline. The restricted nature of the species means that it is particularly vulnerable to human impacts. Its other major threat is from the modification of the wetlands in which it inhabits.

There are no conservation measures in place and research and action is needed to establish if the inferred decline of population is correct, and the increase in water pollution needs to be reversed; this major problem in the São Francisco River basin affects many freshwater species.

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