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#Natureology Species of Day – Peroba Rosa (Aspidosperma polyneuron)

January 6, 2013

6260761662_d1091ba61c_bAspidosperma polyneuron also known as Peroba rosa is an endangered neotropical tree species native to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay, which is typical of Atlantic Forest vegetation.

Aspidosperma polyneuron is a popular timber tree, which has suffered intense exploitation and habitat loss over the past few decades. The Brazilian subpopulations are largely eroded. Subpopulations in Colombia are seriously threatened. In Paraguay, the species was relatively recently described as one of the dominant components of some areas of forest, but here too rapid population declines have resulted in the species being hard to find and no longer commercially viable to exploit. In Argentina the species is rare and confined to the north of Misiones.

Aspidosperma polyneuron is an endangered tree species that is significantly reduced due to extensive logging of native populations, A. polyneuron has been included on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which can reach up to 50 m in height, possesses wood of high commercial value and is important for the recovery of this ecosystem and restoration of riparian forests .

Conservation measures such as reforestation and biosequestration can be accomplished by planting this endangered tree across it’s native habitat. Conservationist must focus on saving this flagship tree species that plays a significant ecological role and is vital for restoration of fragmented and lost Atlantic Forest in order to secure the protection of threatened wildlife and habitats of this internationally important biodiversity hotspot .


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