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#Natureology Species of the Day – Madagascar rainbowfish (Bedotia tricolor)

January 11, 2013

Male Bedoita tricolor

Bedotia tricolor  also known as Zono is a species of Madagascar rainbowfish endemic to Madagascar. Its natural habitat is  the Faraony rivers. It is threatened by habitat loss and thus declared Critically endangered  species which required effective conservation measures to save it from extinction.


Madagascar rainbowfish (Bedotia tricolor) as only been found in one tributary of the Faraony River, whose watershed has been almost entirely stripped of forest cover.

Female Bedoita tricolor


Madagascar rainbowfish (Bedotia tricolor) must also cope with an exotic predator, the spotted snakehead. The species is assessed as Critically Endangered on account of its highly restricted distribution (extent of occurrence and area of occupancy of less than 100 km² and 10 km² respectively), combined with a continued loss of habitat and predation/competition from an invasive species.


Madagascar rainbowfish (Bedotia tricolor) is not protected in any protected area in Madagascar nor is their any captive breeding program to save this species or eradication program to eliminate inasive predators like the spotted snakehead from it’s habitat

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