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I’m In Love With My Planet

April 22, 2013

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I’m in love with my planet because there is no such planet in sight which supports such a vivid, dazzling and unique assemblage of life. I love this planet with all of serene biological diversity because the natural beauty that it beholds inspires me to learn more about our planets wondrous marvels which are filled with immense knowledge for our astonishment. I fell in love with my planet as I’m intrigued by it’s hidden mysteries, the joyful bursts of endless life and peaceful innocence of nature makes my soul awe-inspiring with eternal love. But my passion is at peril because my love – my planet is threatened by humanities insatiable appetite of greed for its natural resources, thus contributing to its degradation and inconveniently changing the climate that eventually results in endangering of our very existence on this planet. – Salman Khan (GreenGuru)

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