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Climate Change & Corruption Hits Tharparkar Hard Leading To Loss Of Innocent Lives.

March 9, 2014

Tharparkar is a far flung desert region in the south eastern corner Sindh province of Pakistan home to a population of about 1.5 million people , that are well known for their vibrant culture and peaceful existence with nature.

But for the past few days national news coverage is highlighting the plight of the people of Thar as the region is declared to be under severe drought due to climate change and inaction of the authorities has till now caused the loss of innocent lives. Up to 41 children have now died due to malnutrition and hunger, further 100 children have been hospitalized because of the prevailing shortage of food and water within the affected area.

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Climate change is emerging as a lethal threat in exacerbating the drought conditions of the areas especially after months of no rain. The latest report on “State of the Climate” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA – points out to that chance of reemergence of El Niño has significantly increased, leading to an ever increase in drier conditions and failure of winter precipitation that resulted in the drought.
As El Niño developed further, beneficial rains that could have brought much-needed relief to the drought-stricken areas failed, leading to the apocalyptic situation seen now. NOAA’s climate data center has highlighted that the Southern Sindh already was under record driest conditions in January. Based on the current climate model data, it appears that in January, the global average temperature were 4th warmest on record.

The major cause of such calamity is to be blamed not only on climate change, as the negligence of corrupt political regime of the province has added fuel to fire. Till now Pakistan’s People Party – PPP, the main political stakeholder of the region has done nothing to provide relief for the affected victims of their consistency. It has been appalling to witness the sight of dying children in this day and age that in a country that pride itself as a nuclear power with one of the largest armed forces in the world.

The regional government had recently spend billions on extravagant and absurd cultural festival that was intended to portray a softer image of Pakistan but has also to question the governance priorities of the regional government that is plagued by corruption and a tendency to be apathetic towards their own people that is leading to such dire situation of negligence and misery which is responsible for mass starvation and forced migration of the local residents from a region that only months ago had boosted agricultural surplus that it exported to neighboring provinces.

If such situation continues to persists in Pakistan, where threat of climate-fueled droughts and floods is not mitigated, failure of ineffective development policies are not reversed and a cohesive strategy to manage such disasters is not implemented then severe consequence of inaction would be unavoidable as this would eventually lead to a “cascading systems failure” that poses risk to Pakistan’s national security and economic stability.

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Salman khan

Salman aka “GreenGuru“ is a passionate eco blogger, activist and writer on environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and climate change related topics. A millennial polymath, entrepreneur & visionary that has founded “GreenGuru” – a sustainable media company – “Wild Planet” – as social media for wildlife enthusiasts – and “Natureology” – a new age naturalistic spiritualism.

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