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#Natureology Species of the Day – Tarzan chameleon (Calumma tarzan)

January 10, 2013

kameleon tarzan

Tarzan chameleon is endemic to the island of Madagascar, The new species’ was discovered in 2010 near the what locals call the Tarzan Forest.  Reaseacher thought that by naming the new species after the vine-swinging “ape man” might be a good way to “promote the conservation of this species and of course of the forest that it’s living in.

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Tarzan chameleon  has been confirmed from two localities in the east, both in the Anosibe An’ala District in the Alaoatra Mangoro Region. This species was locally abundant during April, 2010. Do to ongoing land clearance at and between the known sites, it is presumed that the population is both declining and severely fragmented.


Tarzan chameleon is listed as Critically Endangered based on an estimated area of occupancy of less than 10 km² and an extent of occurrence probably not much greater, it occurs as a severely fragmented population and there is a continuing decline in its forest habitat due to slash-and-burn agriculture and logging.


Tarzan chameleon has not been found inside Madagascar’s existing protected area network. One of the forests from where it was collected, at Ambatofotsy, is currently being established as a new protected area. Additional efforts are needed at this site, and near Tarzanville, to conserve the remaining forest. There is the possibility that the species may be shown to occur more widely to the east and south of the Anosibe An’ala District in forests lower than 910 elevation, and these are a priority for further survey work; additional surveys are also needed in the forests around Tarzanville to establish whether this species occurs there.

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