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My Name Is Salman Khan & I am Crowd Funding So That I Can Travel to a Climate Change Training Event In Miami, Florida

August 27, 2015


I’m reaching out to ask for your support for my online fundraiser: “Help Salman, Travel to Climate Training In Florida.” This fundraiser is benefiting me so that I can fun my travel and acomodation expenses.

There are two ways to help:
1. Donate – even small donations raise our popularity and give us more visibility on the site.
2. Post to Facebook – in the end, the more people hear about us, the more likely we are to meet our target.

Kindly go through my campaign link mentioned below and details about who I am, why I seek funding and why is this important is mentioned in detailed paragraphs further below.


Who Am I:

My name is Salman Khan and I am an environmental and human rights blogger from Pakistan who happens to be pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-vegan, pro-humanist advocate for climate change solutions and tech for good initiatives.

Read my about a brief introduction about me here – Who Is Salman Khan

What Situation Prompted Me to Start Fundraiser?

I have quit my job recently as there is a higher calling for me to work on social good and environmental initiatives that can bring about the change I wish to see within my community and country. In order to pursue my life’s mission I must receive certain training and education for which I will be able to complete by traveling to the US. In addition to funds I saved before leaving my job, I still need financial assistance in achieving to my goal.

Your donations will help me with my travel and accommodation expenses for an education and training event to be held in Miami, Florida in September. Because the Climate Reality Project suggest their chosen leaders to go forward with crowd funding for funding our travel and accommodation expenses.

How Your Donations Help Me In What Ways:

To breakdown the figure for you, I am raising around $2900 (USD) for my round trip flight (around $1600 USD or more), accommodations for 3 nights (likely on Air B&B would between $300 or $400 USD), Non-immigrant Visa Services fee is approx $160 USD, plus additional funds would be utilized for transportation, and a few snacks/meals (most will be provided at the conference). The surplus would be donated to charities that are working on distributing renewable technology like solar lamps or fuel efficient cook stoves that I would be writing about on my blog.

Your donation money will be used to pay for my complete travel expenses that includes plane tickets, visa registration and hotel accommodation. To ensure and guarantee this your money is going towards the cause, I have attached the copy of the official letter of invitation from the Climate Reality Project that I have send to my embassy too.

What Will Be The Impact And Why This Is Important:

The potential impact of attending, networking and working for climate change solutions are huge, some people talk about changing the world. Climate Reality Leaders are doing it every day.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of over 7,500 activists working to educate and empower communities in more than 125 countries to take action on climate change.

Climate Reality Leaders come from all walks of life but all come with the same deep desire to make a difference and help solve the climate crisis.

By attending a focused three-day training with former US Vice President Al Gore and other experts and influencers, you’ll learn:
The science of climate change,
The direct cost of its impacts on communities around the world,
The solutions that are available today,
Storytelling, public speaking, and social media networking,
Media engagement strategies,
Best practices in grassroots organizing,


Your donation is the highest form of support I and this cause could ever receive,
Thank you!

Muhammad Salman Khan

P.S.: (1) “Our [Indiegogo] payment processor charges a 3% + 30 cents fee on every donation, which will be removed from the total raised before the funds are disbursed.” (2) Indiegogo charges $25 (USD) in Bank Transfer Fees per monthly transfer of funds raised up until that point.

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